February is a fairly raceless month for the kids, so Revelstoke Ski Club decided on a local race: Saturday night we had a dual slalom, where Molly certainly gave it her best.

The flood lit dual slalom was a great success: the kids were having enormous fun and the parents had a laugh, too.

Sunday followed with an exciting Glalom (a mix of Slalom and Giant Slalom elements), where the kids in all age groups had to give it their best to bring down good runs.

And again, the Breadbasket kids were quite successful: Molly ended up second in her age group and so did Max – both in the Sunday Glalom and the Saturday night Dual Slalom.

Revelstoke Molly 2nd
A proud Molly in second place, only beaten by Sienna, who skied down like Bode Miller in his best days!


Revelstoke Max 2nd
The Revelstoke Ski Club boys rocked in their home race: Reed came in 1st, Max 2nd and Parker 3rd – the same result in Dual Slalom and the Glalom.

I should add that I raced Max in the Dual Slalom on Saturday night and just about managed to finish ahead of him. I’ve counted on him being 13 when he was going to overtake me, but I’m afraid that the young generation presses too hard!