…in a row. To make it short: do I have enough now? Nope. It’s fun, a lot of fun, actually. Revelstoke Mountain Resort is a superb ski area.

The guys who run the show here say the mountain has three weather zones – and they are right.

The bluebird “Anna in front to the La Baguette tent” and the cloudy “why on earth would anybody stay low” pictures above were taken on the same day. In other words: it’s always worth to give it a try, even if the weather is miserable in the village.

Even after these 50 days we still keep finding new lines on the hill, sometimes by ourselves, sometimes guided by our local experts. And, after 50 days, our skiing certainly has improved: stamina is better, tree skiing starts to rock to the point that we start preferring the trees to the open alpine runs and I’m getting closer to my goal of being able to telemark everything that I can ride on alpine skis. As far as wear and tear goes it looks fairly good; apart from a rib contusion and a slightly twisted knee there’s nothing to report. Which is a surprise, looking at scenes like that: