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July 2014

Picnic on Skanör Beach

Näset, a little peninsula sticking out into the Baltic just South of Malmö, is a beautiful place. The beach close to Skanör’s little port is one of the most beautiful beaches on Näset. Which puts it up quite high on the list of beautiful beaches worldwide. And there we are having a picnic on a mild evening at the end of July with a few friends.

Picnic on the beach of Skanör not far away from Skanör's harbor.
Picnic on the beach of Skanör not far away from Skanör’s harbor.

Our food for the picnic came from Skanör’s excellent Fiskrögeriet: warm smoked salmon with lemon salt, salmon glaced in champaign, various sorts of pickled sill (hering) – highlight being the sill in curry. A very nice way of killing an evening!

Back in Almaty – early July 2014

So I am back. I’ve actually been here for a week already, but the week was dedicated to my project here (90%) and watching the World Cup (football a.k.a. soccer. – 10%). You do the math what that means in terms of work hours. That said, I still enjoy Almaty – I have the pleasure of working with a great team here – and here is another reason why: my view out of the hotel room on Saturday afternoon.


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