Life is a strange thing: one day you feel all content and happy, the next you doubt your right to existence or whether all decisions you’ve ever made were the right ones. And so it happened: one day we loved our life in Munich with great friends – in fact, I am in the fantastic situation that I spend most of my workday with friends I know for 20 years and longer rather than colleagues – a fantastic neighbourhood, the Alps within reach and covered with skiable snow from October until April. The next day we were longing for, well, we didn’t really know what, so we called it “change”. Strictly speaking, the probability of improving anything apart from the climate was rather low, but the irrational longing for change persisted – so something had to be done about that!

After a bit of toing and froing we found a solution: we were going to go on a sabbatical. Originally planned for a year we settled for almost 9 months. We, that is Anna, my wife, Max, my 10 year old son, Molly, my 6 year old daughter, and myself, Daniel. OK, so my wife tells me she’s actually not my wife but my ski buddy. Uh, so I was wrong all along. It has to be said that we’ve met travelling: my ski buddy was on a round the world after having graduated and I visited Cambodia.

So follow us on our big adventure here: we have left Munich on Dec 17th 2015 and plan to return on September 1st 2016. So far we have been to Canada, the US (to lovely Houston – involuntarily), Panama, Cuba and Ecuador. On the menu are Brazil, Hawaii, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia.