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Jericoacoara -An Intro to Brazilian Beach Life

I still remember a conversation I had with our neighbour, Oscar, about kite surfing in Brazil. He mentioned a small place just North of Fortaleza and I made a little mental note of that. Months later, in Revelstoke, we’ve met Chris – a fantastic skier and, as it turned out, kite addict. Over quite a few discussions with a beer or two he made it clear to us, that if we wanted to kite surf, we would have to go to Jericoacoara. I think I will be eternally grateful to Chris for having sent us here.

Jeri Beach at Sunset Time
Jeri beach with the sunset dune on the background: there’s always a big gathering up there

Jericoacoara is surrounded by a national park, which is basically sand – either flat or in form of dunes. Jeri itself is like an oasis at the shore – Continue reading “Jericoacoara -An Intro to Brazilian Beach Life”

Varadero – Caribbean Dream?!

Our trip to Cuba has been fantastic: the life and atmosphere in Havana, sheer beauty in Vinales, recent history in Playa Larga (and yet another CIA meddling failing is just too much fun), time warp in Trinidad and, eventually, the Caribbean dream in Varadero.

Varadero Caribbean Dream
The beach at Varadero is probably one of the best beaches in the world: fine, white sand – turquoise, clear water.

When we’ve planned our Cuba trip we weren’t sure about how things would work out. We’ve heard too many stories of travellers reporting food ranging from inedible to incredibly boring, cumbersome travelling, lots of hassling – Continue reading “Varadero – Caribbean Dream?!”

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