I still remember a conversation I had with our neighbour, Oscar, about kite surfing in Brazil. He mentioned a small place just North of Fortaleza and I made a little mental note of that. Months later, in Revelstoke, we’ve met Chris – a fantastic skier and, as it turned out, kite addict. Over quite a few discussions with a beer or two he made it clear to us, that if we wanted to kite surf, we would have to go to Jericoacoara. I think I will be eternally grateful to Chris for having sent us here.

Jeri Beach at Sunset Time
Jeri beach with the sunset dune on the background: there’s always a big gathering up there

Jericoacoara is surrounded by a national park, which is basically sand – either flat or in form of dunes. Jeri itself is like an oasis at the shore – palm trees, beautiful posadas and hotels, bars and portable Caipirinha stands. Incredibly beautiful. And while Jericoacoara is located on Brazilian’s Atlantic coast, it still manages to produce a full-blown sunset with the sun sinking into the ocean.

Jeri Sunset II
The incredible sunset at Jeri beach – I truly enjoy being on the west side of the Atlantic and still see the sun setting into the ocean.

So far, we have been in Jeri for almost three weeks. With the European Football Cup, attempts to kite surf, meeting new friends, exploring Jeri’s restaurants and bars we’re fairly busy and the usual beach boredom, that sets in after two days hasn’t shown yet.

After all the relatively short-term travelling of the last months with a few days here, a few days there we’re all pretty happy to be able to unpack our bags for a while (not that we’d need a lot here in Jeri: swimming trunks, T-shirt, shorts, flip flops, bingo). Max has a chance of doing some more surfing – that’s where we met the folks from Xavi’s Surf School – Sabrina from Northern Germany and Xavi from Jeri. Molly has taken a particular liking to Sabrina and her dog, Creolo – the latter is actually a little miracle, given Molly’s traumatic dislike of mens’ best friend so far! And Sabrina’s waffles kept the kids super happy, whereas Xavi’s bbq’ed fish is among the best I ever had (competing with Anna’s mom).

Now, our struggle with the kite – that is a whole different story: Anna, Max and I have started to kite surf a.k.a turbo salt water swallowing. Watch this space.

Jeri Sunset with Clouds
Sunset in Jeri is a highlight – Caipirinha in hand, watching the Capoeiristas or beach volleyballers.