February 4th, 2016 – Anna and I were sitting in our monster truck on the way to meet the Tangier Selkirks guys for a day of heli skiing. In the car we were having mixed thoughts: snow was falling hard, we were looking at 15-20cm of fresh snow and the valley was covered in clouds. This would have been fun in the resort, too, we thought.

Well, I suppose it would have been fun in the resort, too. But, what a day it turned out to be with the heli! 20 cm of fresh pow, a ripping group with three guys from Quebec, five Italians from Südtirol and the two of us were the recipe for an incredible skiing day. Guided by Cece, an American with Norwegian ancestry and Tomo, a Japanase single dad, we had a fantastic day: fresh pow, brilliant tree runs and a bit of open terrain. Rock’n Roll!