Easter Saturday was not just about cute Easter bunnies and egg hunting this year, no – this was crazy lunatic day in Revelstoke (and other ski resorts around North America), namely G.N.A.R day! G.N.A.R stands for Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness and was invented as a game by Scott Gaffney and extreme skier Shane McConkey and is all about having fun while skiing. Participants drum up points by doing the most ridiculous things; like calling your mother on the phone while skiing down a steep chute with no clothes on! Or skiing up to a stranger saying “I’m the best skier on the mountain”. G.N.A.R day falls every year on the 26th of March as a tribute to Shane, who died on this day in 2014 while ski base jumping in the Dolomites.

These guys would have fitted right in there in Courchevel in 1983. Just the mono ski is missing

The last ski race weekend not only saw some great skiing by the Revelstoke U12 kids but also some great entertainment while waiting. Oh yes, we had naked people here too! While in Squaw Valley (US), where the game was invented, the naked G.N.A.Rs get their ski passes revoked, Revelstoke is much more relaxed. And there were plenty of race kids dads who had a hard time concentrating on the kids when the young topless girls came squeaking down, their 20-yearold boobs bobbing up and down (“Did you see that?? Those MUST be real!)!

Oh – and the Swedish G.N.A.Rs picked up the Easter theme. First time I have seen Påskkärringar on skis!