Yup, folks – yet another race weekend for the Breadbaskets. This time we had been hyped up by our local friends: the Nancy Greene Festival in Sun Peaks was supposed to be a lot of fun for racers and parents.

Sun Peaks Ski Resort
Sun Peaks makes a good attempt at looking like an Alpine village. Quite successful, actually, on this bluebird Saturday morning.

And a lot of fun it was: over 500 kids came together, starting on a bluebird Saturday to compete in four skills events: skier cross, speed trap, jump and moguls and a glalom (that’s a mix between giant slalom and slalom with slightly tighter gates than a GS – two runs with combined time). Organisation was perfect, the event rolled along very smoothly: the bigger kids competed in the skills events on the Saturday and had their two run combined time glalom on Sunday, whereas the younger kids fought it out in the glalom on Saturday and the skills on Sunday. And that’s what it looked like:

The kids had a really good time and got great results. Seeing that all big ski clubs of British Columbia including the mighty Whistler Mountain Ski Club (the equally annoying Canadian equivalent of the Kitzbühel Ski Club) and other clubs from Vancouver showed up strongly at the event the excellent performance of our local Revelstoke Ski Club with a number of podiums and almost all racers in the top 10 was extremely satisfying. That said, the parents had an equally good time, supporting their kids in the sunshine with the occasional beer and little sips of Fireball.

Molly had a ripping run in the moguls and got second place, Max brought down two great runs and won the glalom – the Breadbasket kids rocked!

Molly skied with her friends from the ski club’s Revy Carver programme and had a fantastic time – I guess even the small kid’s coaches, Jasmine and Kees, must have enjoyed their keen little racers.

The stunning Revy Carvers
The stunning Revy carvers with their Coaches Jasmine and Kees at the Sun Peaks festival. What a group of ripping skiers!

The whole event was part of the Nancy Greene Ski League, an entry level race programme for kids. Nancy Greene has won the Giant Slalom gold medal and the slalom silver medal in 1968 in the Grenoble Olympics. While I don’t necessarily share her political views (in Germany she could play a prominent role in the AFD) I appreciate her attempt to show young kids the joy of skiing and ski racing.