Yet another race weekend in Canada. This time it was a boys’ weekend: Max and a race buddy of his from Revelstoke’s U12 and the two dads had a condo booked in Silver Star – a resort that we had already visited for a previous race. The condo was great: ski in, ski out, two bedrooms, so no need for messy sleep sofas or Murphy beds.

Skiers meditate
One would hope the young racers watch Ted Ligety or Felix Neureuther. But no – a horrible remake of “The Longest Yard”, starring Adam Sandler as American Footballer, is holding the youngster’s attention.

Despite the apparent lack of professional pre-race meditation the first race day went pretty well: Max came 1st and 2nd in the two Giant Slalom runs – each run was a race on its own. The other two racers on the picture above also made it into the top 10 with a fourth and ninth place.

Max on the podium
Max came 1st in the Giant Slalom, his mate from Revelstoke came 2nd. A third Revelstokian would have made the podium, but unfortunately fell out a few gates before the finish line.

The next day wasn’t quite as successful for Max (however, his team mate secured a third place in the first slalom and fell out in the second – an appreciated gesture of solidarity for Max). Watch for yourself:

Max straddled in the first race and fell close to the finishing line in the second. Unfortunately, his left ski did not release and he twisted his knee. Fortunately, the ski patrollers were right there and took care of the injured racer:

Even more fortunately, the initially very painful knee turned out to be a mixture of a hurtful fall and a lot of frustration. The latter dissolved during the motor sled ride and – miraculously – the injured patient could get out of the sled and walk on his own legs. Without pain, as it turned out. Needless to say, he’s been back on skis by the following Tuesday.