I feel very privileged to have a wife and two kids who all enjoy skiing as much as I do. I feel even more privileged to have a family who turns out to be fairly competent at skiing. I always dreamt of kids, who would overtake me at skiing at the age to 14, 15 – I’m afraid, this point is nearer than I would have thought with Max. Today Max skipped school in the morning and we set off to hike Subpeak, a little summit just above the Stoke chairlift,  highest point in the Revelstoke Mountain resort. The short hike covers 120m altitude – not too much, but it climbs up quite steeply; not so easy to negotiate for a 10 year old.

We had a couple of warm-up laps with a friend and his daughter; when we pushed over to Sweet Spot (check out Revelstoke’s North Bowl trail map) we passed some truly wintery trees on the way:

Icy trees at Sweet Spot
Snowy trees on the way to Sweet Spot at Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s North Bowl.
Max and I had talked about hiking Subpeak for a while – we were just waiting for a day with good visibility, so that Max could enjoy it properly. It’s about a 10 to 15 minute walk, pretty steep with some high steps in between – Max had strapped his skis onto the backpack and climbed it just like the local mountain goats.

Max climbing Subpeak
At places it’s quite a steep climb – but on bluebird days with good snow it is worth the effort.
Max even overtook a few panting day trippers on the way up – I think he did better than I did on my first hike up there. He was relieved, though, when he reached the summit:

On top of subpeak
Not quite on Everest, but it feels like the top of the world. A very happy Max.
And, I was there, too.

Father and Son on a glorious day at Subpeak
Max and I on top of Subpeak – Mount Begbie directly behind us.
Needless to say that we had a great run down. To Max’ first ascent to North Bowl we also added his first “out-of-bounds” run down through Greely Bowl. Fantastic morning. Back to school for lunch, though.