I love Cuba! It’s a friendly, feisty, charismatic place! Like an old woman, worn down by age and hardships, a bit rough around the edges, but still not having lost the sparkle in her eyes! A place where an underdog can win an impossible fight.

The Bay of Pigs was named in the good ole’ times when starving pirates came to the natural harbour to stock up on food from a local pig farmer. After Che and Castro released Cuba from “decadence and corruption”, the place again got on the international map in 1961 when the Americans decided to support, and train, a group of counterrevolutionary Cuban ex-pats who would invade their home country and crush the communist dogs. But the invasion was an embarrassment, Kennedy got nervous, withdrew his support and unceremoniously left the soldiers at the mercy of Castro (who later traded them for medical supplies and food). The Cuban American love affair was over and Castro and Che promptly got in bed with the Soviets instead.

Bay of Pigs invasion info
The invasion plans were anything but secret. Kennedy had apparently exclaimed: “Castro doesn’t need spies, all he has to do is read the news!”

The Bay of Pigs has not only seen some decisive action in the making of Cuba as we know it today, but also has beautiful beaches and great diving. While the older Dahlmans and the young Brodkorbs were basking in the sun at Playa Larga, Daniel and I took the opportunity to go diving. Of course the coolness of diving in the Bay of Pigs outdid the actual dive but I didn’t care. My dive log has an entry “Bay of Pigs, Cuba” – yeah!

Classic Car XII
The divemobile taking us to Cueva de los Peces
Playa Larga beach
Playa Larga is refreshingly void of tourists, beach vendors and souvenir shops

Playa Larga is the perfect beach get-away. A few Casas lie directly on the beach and most of them serve delicious home cooked food. For us a Mojito Sundowner was followed by a lobster dinner in the Casa garden. After the kids were in bed, Havana Club rum was sipped on our terrace overlooking the sea to the soft sounds of Buena Vista Social Club and the waves…. Ah well…

Casa Danay
Our Casa on the beach had the perfect upstairs terrace to sip an evening rum
Dinner Casa Danay
A private dinner in the garden accompanied by excellent local musicians