Race weekend again: this time focussing on the smaller kids, and little Molly was rather keen to do some racing herself after having watched her big brother. Thankfully, the older kids could race, too, so both Breadbasket kids gave their best in the gates.

As it can easily be seen, Molly and Max are in different stages of their development as racers! And a full success it was: Molly came third in the group of 2009ers – and the gaps to second and first place were small. Well done, Molly!

Molly 3rd in 2009
A very happy Molly on the podium in third place. Pink ears in default position!

Max crowned the race day by coming first in his group – we had two happy and rather tired kids in the car back to Revelstoke from Vernon.

Max wins 2005
Max wins the race of the 2005er boys. Proudly wearing his Revelstoke Ski Club jacket and a SC Nymphenburg hat!