Local women Shendra and Alex took me out into North Bowl and Boulder Mountain, a free rider’s dream, to try to find the powder that one of them had been showed by a Ski Patrol a couple of days earlier.

RMR Trail Map
Revelstoke has the highest vertical drop in North America; 1713 meters

Beautiful day with the mountain peaks (Mt McPherson and Mt Begbie, I believe) just about sticking out, we took the “skiers most right” run, Greely Bowl along the outer boundary but we somehow managed to get lost. Not quite sure where we were and very much aware of dangerous cliffs, we took a joint decision to walk back up to the trail rather than ski down through the trees. Good decision, as it turned out, when we came down and glanced up we realised we had been standing just above some killer cliffs! I really admired Shendra’s and Alex’s responsible attitude; just 6 years ago two skiers died sliding down a chute and going over a cliff in the out of bounds area on Boulder Mountain.

Powder Panorama
Scouting for powder while enjoying the beautiful mountain panorama