Bomber Harris – eat this! It took the brave British and American Airforce bomber only one night, the 13th of February 1945, to destroy the inner city of one of Europe’s most beautiful towns. Seeing that the Brits knighted the leader of this atrocity and erected a monument to hail his, well, whatever, bravery it MUST have been in the name of humanity. Clearly every church building and opera house in Nazi Germany was a vital cog in the Nazi’s killing machinery and thus had to be destroyed. Along with 25.000 civilians – killed in the firestorm of that night. The more admirable, that it has been restored – with the Frauenkirche becoming the crowning masterpiece of a restoration effort which was supported by generous people all over the world (who probably share some of the sentiments that I’m expressing here). Now, looking at the perfect and entirely peaceful beauty of this place I cannot find a single reason that justifies the decision of the allied force to eradicate this place and slaughter thousands of civilians. Not quite the same league as Hitler’s Nazis, Stalin’s soviets, Mao’s party cadre or Pol Pot’s Red Khmer, but the same sport: inflicting massive pain on largely innocent people and destroying cultural values. Well done, boys. Anyway, back to Bomber Harris: eat this – Dresden is back!