Travelling! The bug never dies, I think. Ever since Max, who turned 8 in Dec 2013, was born, there was very little of it. Family holiday – yes. Swank hotel on Crete (Domes of Elounda, it rocks for what it is – a family and probably honeymoon place, even though I don’t quite see how that goes together. I experienced the family part and that was fantastic – leave out the buffet food), business trip here and there (Bonn, the former capital of Germany a frequent destination, some trips to France, lots of journeys to lots if places for a two hour meeting), a few days in Delhi to visit a partner company – that was the extent of my travelling in the last few years. And now this trip to Kazakhstan, the great unknown. Still largely unknown, demystified, but just to an extent with a lot of curiosity still to be satisfied.