Pooh – the trouble with these business trips is that they are – business trips. So instead of exploring Almaty I have been working. With a very nice local team, by the way: committed, enthiusastic and driven. But I don’t want to dwell in work, I had enough of that today. However, in between workshops we went to a Georgian restaurant:

20140408-001309.jpgWe had variations of Khachapuri, a Georgian type of pizza with and without meat, some great tasty salads, richly flavoured spinach, accompanied by homemade woodruff lemonade. Delicious. The restaurant is called Daredjani at Kunaev Str# 85, corner Kazibek-bi. We got there around 3.30pm local time, so right in between lunch and dinner. Thus, it was fairly, but not entirely quiet. One of our hosts was a Georgian guy and selected the dishes for us – he made some excellent choices:  the food was very tasty – a visit at dinner time seems a must, thus we’ll have a chance to sample the Georgian wine as well (last time I was in Moscow in a Georgian restaurant it turned out that due to the trade embargo at the time they couldn’t import wine from Georgia, so we had to make do with Greek wine!).

The owners seem to have a few places: a Russian restaurant near by and some more – to be checked out!